Maxwellive Skylight-60W Smart Led Skylight Blue Sky Led Panel Skylight Sunrise and Sunset


Size:300X600mm(1X2ft)5 years warranty – Free replacement for quality problems within 5 years
Easy installation – An ordinary electrician can install it.
Free shipping– DHL, UPS or FedEX express delivery to your door
Transportation Guarantee – Compensation for damage after receipt.
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【Decorative Blue Sky Lamp】Skylight-60W is a smart artificial sky light that can be controlled by mobile APP.Its ultra-wide 1800K-10000K color temperature range can simulate changes in the color temperature of the sky throughout the day.
【Perfect for Classrooms or Offices】 Whether at home, in school, or at the office, liven up any LED skylight lighting system with the blue sky design light diffuser panels to make every day feel like you’re outside on a lovely, clear day. Creates a sense of vast space above you.
【LED Ceiling Light】 High-quality,blue skies will enrich and brighten your space. A non-intelligent, monochrome noon light; smart dimmer, early morning to dusk. Use app, with biorhythm function (set the light color corresponding to the time, automatically adjust),It has the brightness you want from early spring to midsummer, from morning sun to dusk. Applicable to office medical care subway airport mine Commercial space home space enclosed space
【Easy to Install】Flush Mount: Secure Spring Clip, Flush Secure Mount; Integrated ceiling installation: Reinforcement card, the keel in different directions can be folded 90° to fix, and the hole can be pulled to fix the ceiling.
【Simple LED Skylight】It has the brightness you want from early spring to midsummer, from morning sun to dusk. Applicable to office medical care subway airport mine Commercial space home space enclosed space




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Replicates the blue sky sunrise and sunset with LED light. Highly natural light makes indoor spaces feel larger and more open. Virtual Sun skylight Blue Sky Smart Lighting System.

 I love the way they look. It looks as though I’ve installed skylights in my office. Skylight lighting systems reproduce the true effect of natural sunlight entering through the opening in the integrated ceiling, with a realistic sunlight perceived at infinite distance surrounded by a clear deep blue sky. Objects shine in the exceptional light casting sharp sky-blue shadows, The reaction people have when they first see them is hilarious – they are so surprised, but I personally feel calmer in my office than I have ever had before.




Light Filling


Exposure to light is, at all latitudes, the first quality that enhances a residential property. 

However, rapid urbanization, the need to live in underground solutions prevent a daily relationship. With natural light which is sufficient, denying any relationship with the sky. 

This skylight brings back day light and the colour of the blue sky to your home. 

Turn on the sky with the blue skylight. You just need a ceiling to own your own sunrise & sunset.

Retail Showroom

The shopping experience by means of natural lighting increases the pleasure.
The attractive appearance of the products on display and its materials.
Turning the vividness of colours and textures. 
A mall flooded with natural light such as that of an open blue sky? 
With skylight system. it is now a reality, 
which not only brings natural lighting to retail spaces
that do not have it, but it can also bring it to those darker spots
as opposed to the ones that have external openings, no perceptual difference.
and therefore the possibility of purchase as well as
providing more comfort and beauty to the work environment.
Each retail space turns unique with this skylight, 
kissed by the sunlight 24/7 or whenever needed to recreate it or to increase it.
Natural light attracts more visitors, prolonging the stay of the customer

The skylight increase the value of retail spaces and products

The direct and diffused light of skylight highlights the texture of spaces, surfaces and objects. 
The blue skylight sunlight appears in many store’s illuminating
Its products with natural light where the colours, 
Materials and textures best express their essence. 
The exhibition space opens up towards the outside, 
Encouraging the sale by making the purchasing process more pleasant.

Reduce harsh glares and escape the indoors without leaving your desk. Whether at home, in school, or at the office, liven up any LED skylight lighting system with the blue sky design light diffuser panels to make every day feel like you’re outside on a lovely, clear day. Skylight Looks like a real window with infinite depth, creates a sense of vast space above you, Cast sunbeams onto the walls.




Mimicking Blue Skies and sunset skylight can transform enclosed office spaces

by restoring access to natural light, a simulation of open skies.

Daylight increases concentration, interest and proactivity, it decreases stress and conflict

which is especially amplified when climatic conditions are not particularly favourable.

Offices and workplaces often do not guarantee successful radiation

in order to maximize the enjoyment of natural light,

which sometimes is not distributed equally to all workstations.

Skylight will change all now.

Each workspace becomes more inclusive, healthy and democratic

turning on the well-being of the sky and the sun every time

that is not enough, and in any perimeter of the indoor facility.




Our skylights provide a visual connection to nature

which is one of the most effective ways to relax and provide comfort to patients.

Blue skylight can be used in ceiling panels for a variety of healthcare areas

such as Dental Practices, Consulting, Waiting Rooms, Radiology & X-Ray Rooms,


Chemotherapy & Dialysis Treatment Centres, and many more.









Skylight provides access to daylight to isolated classrooms and closed off spaces. 

A visual connection to natural light improves

educational performance and focus throughout a school day.



Amazing Visual Experience


Looks like a real window with infinite depth
Creates a sense of vast space above you
Cast sunbeams onto the walls


Hospitality & Recreation areas

The sky in a room – and the natural light in places that have no external section from
which to collect daylight.This skylight LED Lamp gives color depth
and perspective to bodies and volumes in a way that only the sun is able to bring.
Every day, every hour of the day or night. Even in fully shielded places
in countries where in some seasons the amount of
radiation is just present a few hours a day and in those geographical areas
where extreme climatic and environmental conditions
do not allow enjoying the outdoor spaces and constant blue skies.
The blue skylight applications increase the sense of wellbeing
and relaxation in all types of hotels, SPAs, social spaces
(lounges, clubs, restaurants, bars, cinemas).

The hospitality industry that switches to this skylight in its internal spaces
doubles the ability to succeed and drastically changes the perception of
pleasantness surrounding the architectures.
By turning on the sun and giving the true blue of the sky in a suite,
or by brightening with Mediterranean colours
the terrace of a restaurant with no outdoor space.

Technology Point

Mimics the Rayleigh scattering effect that makes the sky appear blue

In the real sky, sunlight is scattered by atmospheric air molecules. Short-wavelength blue light is scattered more strongly than long-wavelength red light, making the sky appear blue when viewed from below.

Skylight recreates the sunset and the sky to produce a real-like outside experience while being inside through a combination of fundamental elements A high-brightness, custom LED projector that reproduces the spectral characteristics of sunlight Sophisticated optic systems to direct the sun rays so that the observer perceives the sky and the sunlight at an infinite distance A nano-structured material that creates the Rayleigh scattering diffusion process, that happens naturally within our earth’s atmosphere. The skylight system mimics the sky’s Rayleigh scattering effect by combining LED light sources that correspond to the sun and light scattered that corresponds to atmospheric air molecules.




Typically installed in a ceiling or a wall during a new construction or remodelling project. 

At just 10″/24cm deep, the skylight is one of the slimmest on the market, allowing it to be easily retrofitted. 

Its clever design enables the sunlight to appear at true infinity, no matter how many fixtures are joined together.

 FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 20 cm
Color Temperature(CCT)

2700K-10000K (Classic Version 10000K)

Color Rendering Index(Ra)


Application location

Home, Office, Hotels, clubs, offices, villas, showrooms, office medical care subway airport mine Commercial space home space enclosed space

Working Lifetime(Hour)


IP Rating




Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w)


Support Dimmer

Yes (Classic Version Unavailable)

Lighting solutions service

Lighting and circuitry design, Specification

Input Voltage(V)


Working Temperature(℃)

-40 — 40

Lamp Body Material

Aluminum Alloy

Light Source


Skylight Dimension

60cm*120cm, 60cm*30cm, 60cm*60cm


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