How To Inexpensively Convert Any Light Switch Into A Smart Switch

As I expand my home automation system, I find myself wanting to be able to turn my lights on and off remotely or via voice control. There are a million great products out there that would allow me to integrate my light switches, but I wanted to select something that will be scalable (read: affordable) if I decide to convert all light switches to smart switches throughout my home. So, follow along with me below as I take you through the process of converting any old light switch into a smart switch.
When automating their homes, many folks look to replacing their light switches with smart ones such as this Leviton Decora. The cost per switch can be intimidating, however, when you want to talk about adding 10 or 20 smart switches. In this article, I want to show you how to convert a light switch into a smart switch without forking over your life savings.

Luckily, there is an affordable line of products you can install with the same basic electrical skills needed to install a smart switch. These products are wireless relays for home automation.

What is a wireless relay or smart relay?

A relay, in a general sense, is a device that has an input circuit and an output circuit. When the input circuit is closed, the relay closes the output circuit. In many cases, a relay allows a low-voltage or low-amperage signal circuit to activate a higher-voltage or higher-amperage output circuit.

In this context, a wireless relay or smart relay is a device that wires in with your existing light switch. The wireless relay then connects to your Wi-Fi network (or other home automation network depending on the relay you purchase). Just like other smart home products, once the relay is on your network, you can then control it through its proprietary app or through other hubs or assistants, such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa products.

What are some popular wireless relays?

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