Upgrading your house to the convenience of home automation is a daunting task. Different protocols and different compatibilities for every device or appliance makes the transition difficult. Replacing all the existing appliances with IoT devices is possible, but it is extremely costly. Imagine if there was a way to enjoy the benefits of customized smart home automation at a fraction of the cost…

Today, it’s no longer a problem. We created Fingerbot, the world’s smallest robot which can remotely & mechanically control all the buttons, switches, and toggles anywhere in your home through voice and app. A quick, simple and affordable way to retrofit your existing devices into IoT devices. 

We believe that instead of replacing your existing devices, adapting them for smart control is a more affordable, sustainable, and simple way to create a smart home! 

Prepare your coffee automatically when you wake up every morning. 

Prepared Your Morning Coffee

One-touch on your phone to turn off all your lights without leaving the comfort of your warm bed.

Open the door remotely for your visitors while you’re busy preparing dinner in the kitchen.

Click, Press, Door Opened
  • Apps & Downloads

Adaprox Controller app is a powerful portal to all the functionalities available for your fingertips including remote turn on/off; set wake-up lighting alarms; make SOS alert and other personalized functionalities. In addition, the convenient OTA provides an enhanced user experience by the regular Fingerbot firmware updates.

Adaprox App
Customized Setting
  • Wireless Control Through App

Enjoy the ability to turn on/off all devices remotely at your fingertips. Figerbot connects seamlessly using Bluetooth and provides total control through our official Adaprox App.

Turn Off All Lights with One Touch

  •  Free up your hands, Voice control it all 

Adaprox App can integrate with your smartphone’s voice assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant. You can control each Fingerbot simply by activating your voice assistant.


  • Modular Design 

With a modular design, you can replace the robot arm to adapt a button, touch screen, wall switch, wall toggle and more with the Fingerbot Tool Pack. So now you can control your traditional fan, kettle, coffee machine, and almost any traditional appliances remotely. 

Modular Design to Fit All Needs
Control Toggle Switch With a 3D-Printed O Ring Arm

  •  Physical Plug-in for Video Game Lovers 

Fingerbot can even tap the touch screen like your finger and help you to finish tasks that require repeated motions.

Physical Plug-in
  • Customize Your Own Robot Arm

For those who have special requirements, the customized robot arm can also be 3D printed to fit your needs! 

3D Printer Robot Arm
  •  Remotely Control While Away from Home 

The Adaprox Bridge brings all your Fingerbots online, allowing you to control them from anywhere, at any time. Using Adaprox Bridge will bring a wider range of applications for your Fingerbots. Retrofitting all your electronics for IoTs, lets you remotely control various devices even when you’re not at home.

  •  Works with Google Home, Alexa or other Smart Devices 

Adaprox Bridge can connect Fingerbot to popular smart devices such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. With the Adaprox Bridge, you can simply use your voice to control Fingerbot without launching the app. 

  •  Connect to IFTTT 

IFTTT represents “If This Then That”. We’ve added IFTTT integration to empower Fingerbot. You can define any IFTTT rules to fit your needs and Fingerbot will help you to finish all the pre-set routines. The IFTTT functionality of Fingerbot is supported by Adaprox Bridge. 

  • Super Easy to Install

Fingerbot is easy to install without the need for special tools. It attaches using strong 3M tape to secure it in place near the desired switch. Or you can get creative and do-it-yourself using magnets, Velcro, and more. You can easily remove the Fingerbots without damaging walls or appliances and reuse them again on a different device.  

  •  Adjustable Spacers for Different Switch Types 

Add a spacer according to your switch type, or replace the robot arm based on your needs. It is as simple as that.

We will also publish Adaprox SDK for programmers to control Adaprox devices. With Adaprox SDK and Fingerbot, you can customize your program to interact physically with the real world.

Consider a situation where you need to connect your server with a local client program. When the server crashes for some reason, sometimes you have to manually reboot the server by pressing the power button, which is very troublesome and annoying.

Kindly follow us on Github, and you will be notified once we publish the repository.

The following is a simple programming example that shows how easy it is to utilize Fingerbot… 

Now you can make Fingerbot as a physical rebooter and integrate it into your server code. You can simply define and register the action as follows:

 Where “click” and “wait” are the names of predefined actions and “reboot_action” describes a sequential robot action:

  1. Click and hold the button for 10 seconds to force shut down the server
  2. Wait for 5 seconds
  3. Click the power button to restart the server

After registering the robot action, you can call it when you need it: 

When the client program detects that the server has crashed, Fingerbot will help automatically reboot it.

  • Long battery life

Fingerbot comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that can last 6 months depending on the usage. 

Fingerbot comes with a USB Type-C charging technology that fully charges the Fingerbot within 1 hour. Then it can get back to work for another half year!

  •  Practical and helpful

Fingerbot can be a friendly and useful assistant for elderly and disabled people, giving them more independence in the home.

The Adaprox team is a group of designers, engineers and programmers dedicated to creating user-friendly smart home hardware and software. The story of Fingerbot begins with the desire to create convenience and control and a better smart home user experience.  

 At some point in our life, we all wish we could remotely turn off the light switch before bed, remotely turn on the water boiler to get a hot shower once you reach home during the cold winter, or there might be a lamp switch that is out of reach for disabled people and elderly. Plus, upgrading IoT devices are costly, and obsoleting the old appliances which still works perfectly is a big waste. 

Fingerbot was created as a cost-effective way for consumers to retrofit their traditional appliances for smart home control.  Fingerbot is a practical, exciting and fun-to-use IoT solution we developed that makes your home more intelligent and your lifestyle more convenient.