About Us

What we do

We take light and we make it life-changing. We make light that improves your health. Light that helps you work, and light that helps you play. Light for socialising, and light for me-time.
A rainbow of color options, bacteria eliminating wavelengths, endless integrations all help our customers personalise their spaces so that they can do whatever it is that they do best.
Through the combination of intelligence and light, it can solve some problems in users’ life and work, such as human-centered rhythm, improve sleep, protect children’s eyesight, relieve seasonal depression and other problems, and hope to make a contribution to environmental protection.

What we value

Quality: We’re dedicated to bringing you the brightest, boldest lights on the market.
Innovation: We’re committed to shaping the future of smart tech and IoT.
Originality: We’re not afraid to push the boundaries of what comes next.

Why Reliable

Warranty Coverage: Our advanced product design, the durable housing of the product, and the employment of the latest high-quality LED technology guarantee the long lifespan of our products. Most of our commercial illuminants offer 5 years warranty.
Safety and energy saving guarantee: Our products uphold the highest safety standards and are UL or ETL listed and certified, ensuring high quality and performance.